I’ve just submitted my novel to Harpercollins’ Voyager Open Submission Funtime All-In SEXSTRAVIGANZA!*

Now we play the waiting game, or more specifically now I finish up that damned cliffhanger that I’ve been leaving all of you with. On top of that I’m hoping to get back to the weekly schedule I maintained for all of three weeks before.

*Some of that title may have been made up by me

More Delays and Oportunities

‘Kay, so. Big cliffhanger on the last episode for the Investigators’ Club. Unfortunately you guys are going to have to wait for a bit for the resolution, because I’ve kind of stumbled into an opportunity.

From October 1st through to the 14th Harper Collins’ speculative fiction imprint Voyager is going to be accepting submissions from first time authors for the first time in more than a decade. That means me, and that means I need to get Archon ready.

Delays and News

Hello everybody! I’m sorry to say that there is not going to be a new episode of the Investigators’ Club this week. I know. I’m sad about it too. I’m so sad I’m going to use a smiley, or should I say a frowny. Here it goes: :’(

You see? He’s even crying about it a little. That is how sad he is. But I have a good and exciting reason. I recently submitted my steampunk adventure novel Archon to a publisher! And they got back to me in two days! To say that it was being rejected!

Wait, that last one isn’t exiting. In fact I would say that it calls for another frowny. :(

Anyways, this weekend I’m going to be mostly working on Archon, which I have been neglecting for some time. The Investigators’ club has always been a side project for me but I will return to it soon, possibly for a double update next week but don’t hold me to that.

Another problem with updating this weekend is that I am way out at my cabin and our internet isn’t working. I’m only able to post this with the help of a neighbor who has unsecured wifi. Also I’m writing it late at night and my screen is attracting moths.

Still, hoping that my next submission goes better and that I get that next episode to you soon.

Judge, Judy, and Executioner.

So I came across the trailer for the new Judge Dredd movie today and it got me thinking about those comics and how they’ve influenced my writing (the Archons are basically toned down versions of Judges with religious overtones instead of fascist ones). Specifically it made me think of the archetype of a character who is judge, jury and executioner. I’m not just talking about a character who takes the law into their own hands but a character who is the law (sorry).

While it shouldn’t be a surprise that this archetype will show up as villains in dystopian works it’s also surprisingly prevalent to have it with a neutral or even heroic portrayal. Why is that? Well, there is an escapist aspect to it. The idea of a lone individual, morally incorruptible, willing to cut through all the red tape and legal loopholes and dispense pure unadulterated justice. Were such a person to exist many people would be comfortable to have that person watch over them. There is a simple narrative aspect to it as well, it’s convenient. It’s convenient to not have a character have to deal with regulations or paperwork or due process because then the writer doesn’t have to deal with it, and as an added bonus neither does the reader.